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Making Resolutions Stick Through SMART Goals

Tis’ the season. Whether you like New Year’s resolutions or not, everyone is talking about them. Some of us are doing great, while some of us have already given up. This week’s post focuses on making your resolutions stick. While I think it is great to set resolutions or intentions for the year, if you really want results, it is time to shift from resolutions or intentions to S.M.A.R.T. goals. Developed in the 1980s by management consultants as a business tool, SMART goals are now used by businesses, nonprofits, and individuals to set and achieve objectives.

The SMART acronym and system for developing goals is fairly straightforward. If you want to achieve something in any realm, set goals, and these goals should be S.M.A.R.T…

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Make Time for Self-Care

Day 3: Get serious about creating time for self-care.

We have all heard that self-care is important, but how often do we leave this very last on the proverbial list? It wasn't until I was in my late-thirties, early forties (and admittedly when I was out of the trenches of babyhood/toddlerhood with my kids), that I got serious about self-care.

When I say get serious, I mean: I made it a priority by scheduling it and sticking to that schedule as much as possible. I suggest you start out simply and don't overwhelm yourself (in the past, I have been guilty of being the queen of setting unrealistically high and undoable expectations). Choose one area to focus on at a time (such as regular exercise) and don't add a new self-care area until exercise is firmly part of your weekly routine (at whatever frequency goal you have set for yourself)...

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