Organizational Solutions, Research, and Productivity Coaching for Busy Parents

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Educational and Enrichment Research & Consulting

Whether your children are at home, in daycare, school, going to camp, or preparing for college, I’ll help you navigate the maze of educational and enrichment options, including:

● Preschools, private schools, charter schools, and alternative education options

● Camps and after-school enrichment activities (I can register your children as well!)

● Research and comparison of colleges/universities and managing college applications 

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Familycare Research & Planning

Childcare: Daycares, nannies, and other care options for young children

Medical, therapeutic, early intervention, and learning differences services and resources

Family health and wellness services or resources 

Eldercare: Independent living options, in-home eldercare assistance, nursing homes, and assisted living communities for your elderly parent(s)

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Home Organization and Household Management Solutions (Stuff & Systems)

Ever feel like there aren’t enough hours in a day? I can provide family support services and help you create practical systems that will make your days feel less rushed and more purposeful, including developing:

● Realistic household and family schedules that work

● Easy family meal plans, prep ideas, recipes, and shopping lists (including special attention to healthy, vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, and other special diets, as needed)

Family systems - Planning, household chore delegation, establishing daily routines, and creating positive behavior charts and daily routine task lists for children

● Back-to-work plans and systems for parents returning to work after maternity/paternity leave (great baby shower gift!)

● Home organizing and organizing systems creation (such as de-cluttering systems; in/out systems for mail or school paperwork; creation of play areas and “kid zones,” as well as "adult areas")

● Co-parenting tools and strategies

● Individual and family goal planning

● Providing moving coordination and relocation services

*I can also provide research and consulting services on a wide variety of customized, client-initiated projects that do not fall under the categories above. 


Productivity Consulting & Small Business Coaching

Enriched Family also provides productivity consulting and small business coaching services for individuals and business owners, including assistance with: 

  • Planning and prioritizing

  • Creation of custom timelines and action plans

  • Project management and time/workflow management

  • Communication coaching and writing support