About Enriched Family

Enriched Family is an owner-operated business, founded by Esha Clearfield, M.A. and M.P.Aff. Esha, a family organization and project management expert, is a former nonprofit and public policy sector professional with 15 years of research and project management experience. Esha provides clients with a distinct combination of resources: 

* Productivity Coach * Researcher * Facilitator * Organizer * Planner * Manager *

Photo by Christina S. Murrey

Photo by Christina S. Murrey

Balmy Christmas in Austin, 2012; Photo by Christina S. Murrey

Balmy Christmas in Austin, 2012; Photo by Christina S. Murrey

Esha Clearfield, M.A. and M.P.Aff., Founder/President of Enriched Family

As a professional and as a parent of two children, I have experienced firsthand the joys and challenges of balancing self, work, and family life. I’ve juggled parenthood and full-time work in a demanding position while my husband also worked long hours. I’ve worked from home as a consultant while caring for my young children, and I’ve also been a full-time stay-at-home parent.

I started Enriched Family because I saw that there was a real need for family supports and few practical, comprehensive approaches to providing them. My goal is to provide families with the information, tools, and systems they need to thrive. 

My professional background is in public policy. I have dual Master's degrees from the LBJ School of Public Affairs and the L.L. Institute of Latin American Studies at the University of Texas-Austin. Prior to starting Enriched Family, I worked in the nonprofit and public policy sector for nearly fourteen years, focusing on research and project management. My experience covers a wide range of health and human services policy areas.

During my career, I conducted research and/or managed projects for a variety of clients, such as: the Annie E. Casey Foundation; City of Austin Economic Development Department, Small Business Program; Texas Council on Family Violence; Texas Office of the Attorney General-Child Support Division; Travis County Commissioners Court; and the U.S. Department of Education.

After I became a parent, I quickly understood how important research and project management skills are to smooth (and sane!) household functioning. I’m passionate about using my knowledge and experience to help parents solve problems, consider options, and implement effective solutions for a more organized, joyful, and purposeful life.

My approach to working with parents is practical, detailed, professional, compassionate, and nonjudgmental.