Helping Families Organize and Thrive


Modern parenting can be challenging. Whether you are trying to plan meals, stay on top of schedules, organize your home, meet your own personal and professional goals, fill in gaps in childcare, or find the right medical resources, developmental supports, or enrichment activities for your child – the demands of work and family can feel endless. 

Enriched Family is here to help you navigate this time and information overload and develop strategies for a more organized and joyful life. I founded Enriched Family to provide busy professional parents with the information, tools, and systems they need to organize their families to thrive. 

You tell me about your goals, priorities, and challenges. I’ll do the research and come up with a custom plan tailored for your unique family, your values, and your budget. Let’s get started! I invite you to visit the Enriched Family services page and reach out with any questions.