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Thank you! Enriched Family is a 2019 Austin Birth Awards Nominee. Please vote!

We did it! Enriched Family is a 2019 Austin Birth Awards Nominee. Thank you so much and please vote one last time!

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Enriched Family Back-to-School Special!

Hey all! It’s almost time for school to start back up. I’d love to help you and your family start off the new school year feeling organized and ready to embrace the year ahead. Check out the Enriched Family Back-to-School special & services. The discount is for August and September only, so get on the Enriched Family calendar now!

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Boredom Busters: Summer Engagement Ideas for Kids - Part II

Last summer I did a blog post on Boredom Busters to give parents some additional summer engagement ideas for their kids. As it was well received, I thought I would do a Part II this summer. Entering the tail end of July, I have definitely started to hear more of a chorus of: “Mom, I’m bored.” And when my kids are bored, they tend to get cranky and more prone to poor choices and behaviors. To help support them and my mental sanity, I made a new list of Boredom Busters. Below is the list of ideas I created for my family; I hope it is helpful to yours as well. As always, take what seems like it will work for your unique family, modify as needed, and forget the rest. While most of these ideas require some degree of parental involvement, many of the steps can be done independently once you set your kids up for the activity.

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Enriched Family New Year Organization Packages

Want to start off the new year more organized and clear about your goals and how to accomplish them? Book a discounted goal planning, decluttering, and systems creation session with Enriched Family in January or February!

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Enriched Family is Celebrating its First Anniversary with a Special Offer for New and Repeat Clients!

It is with great pride and gratitude that I announce that Enriched Family is celebrating its first anniversary! Thanks so much for coming on this ride with me and sharing your support, curiosity, and challenges. I am so grateful to be able to help families by providing them with the information, tools, and systems they need to organize and thrive.

In honor of Enriched Family’s first anniversary, I am extending a special offer to new and repeat customers…

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