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'Tis the season for giving - Create your Giving Plan

In light of our recent post on allowances and teaching children the value of saving as well as giving, I recently came across a great New York Times article, "How to Make a Personal Plan for Giving" by Carl Richards, that I want to share. The article and simple worksheet is a great resource to help us adults (although kids could certainly use it too) clarify and articulate why we want to give, what we want to give, and how we want to give. Whether you have a little or a lot to give, check it out. I'm off to fill out my worksheet...

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Allowances…to give or not to give? And if so, how?

My husband and I went back and forth deciding whether or not to give our girls allowances. The main sticking point was that we did not want to pay our kids (or train them to expect payment) for cleaning up after themselves and contributing to the family. At the same time, how many of us work for free, you know? The other thing that delayed us was deciding on all the details (e.g., How much to give them? For what?). Eventually, with my oldest turning eight, it seemed time to take the plunge…

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