Service Pricing

Productivity Consulting & Organization Projects

For productivity consulting and organization projects, I charge by the hour ($75). I can always provide clients with an estimate, upon request, of the total number of hours I anticipate a particular project will take (this is subject to change once the project is underway if complexities arise, but will always be discussed with the client first). 

I offer discounts for pre-purchased packages of hours for organizing and productivity projects:

  • 8+ hours (10% off) 

  • 15+ hours (15% off) 

  • 25+ hours (20% off)

*The hours must be purchased in advance to receive the discount and can be used all at once on a particular project or over time for a variety of needs/projects. Hours must be used within a year of purchase or they are forfeited.

Research Projects

For most research projects, I quote a project fee that takes into account the time involvement required, the project complexity, and whether the project requires starting from scratch or allows me to build on prior research and planning (which reduces the fee). For all research projects, a discount is folded into the project fee as I always invest more time in the research and final product than what I charge the client. 

Free Phone Consultation

For all services, I provide a free, 20-minute initial phone consultation. Once I have a good understanding of the services you are wanting, I will provide you with a project quote (if applicable) and simple contract to consider.