Families I Help


Working with parents and families has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my career. My services are tailored for a variety of family configurations

  • Busy, dual-income families

  • Families with one stay-at-home parent

  • Single-parent families

  • Blended families

  • Two-household families/divorced parents with children

I enjoy working with individuals in a variety of life stages, including those:

  • Becoming parents or returning to work after maternity or paternity leave

  • Experiencing changes in work status (e.g., shifting from PT to FT work)

  • Sending a child to daycare, childcare, school, or camps, or having a child who is transitioning from high school to college

  • Parents whose child has a medical issue or developmental or learning diagnosis

  • Parents relocating to the area and in need of relocation coordination services (I can also research and create custom “welcome packets” that detail family resources in your destination area – pediatricians, pediatric dentists, kid-friendly restaurants, kids activities, etc.)

  • Transitioning to single-parent status and wanting assistance with co-parenting organizational tools or resources 

  • Feeling challenged by the day-to-day and wanting to implement systems to create greater household order and peace

  • I also love when my work with families, individuals, and organizations intersects and I work for parents on family projects, as well as on projects for their small businesses


"Enriched Family helped me with meal planning and I feel like I'm 'back on track' after months of feeling uninspired. Esha provided me with a list of tasty recipes and also gave me great suggestions for time and energy-saving strategies to make meal planning feel like less of a chore. I enjoyed working with Esha and found her friendly, insightful and practical style a great fit to solve our dinner-time challenges."  Rachel L.

"When we came upon an unexpected need to find another school option for our third grader with ADHD, my husband and I— both working with busy schedules—were overwhelmed. Esha went in depth preparing a great list of school and tutoring options and even made phone calls to each option to gain further insight into whether she thought it would be a good fit or not. It was a team effort and when we made the decision we felt informed. The new school is working out great and we were glad to have Esha’s support during a stressful time." — Holly O.

"After the divorce, I knew I wanted to focus on the kids, but between work, family, and school commitments, I didn't know how to sort that all out and set priorities. Enriched Family helped me develop a clear path forward, with concrete steps to put the kids first and take care of myself at the same time." — Anonymous.

"Enriched Family is a life saver. For busy families juggling a million different things, having clear, focused recommendations makes a world of difference." — Anonymous.

"When my baby began eating real food, planning meals for our household became increasingly overwhelming. With full-time work schedules, by the time we'd get home from daycare, we'd have a very cranky and hungry toddler on our hands. Esha helped us move into a healthier, more positive evening routine by giving us simple yet powerful strategies for meal-planning. Esha is calm, thorough, funny--an absolute pleasure to work with. Thanks to her, we are starting off the new year in a much better place!" — Christina M.

"Esha is truly wonderful to work with. She's timely, detail-oriented, and thoughtful. I've hired her to assist with research tasks for both my family (summer camp options) and small business (insurance options) and she's been a lifesaver on both fronts." — Sarah O.

"Between major work deadlines, household responsibilities, and the demands of being a full-time student, I felt like there weren't enough hours in the day to take care of it all. Esha's practical wisdom, time management expertise, and warm, supportive coaching were just what I needed to help me get back on track. Esha helped me prioritize my mounting to-do list and create a custom action plan for my many projects. Best of all, she truly listened and provided valuable tips and tools I can use both today and in the future." — Erika G.

"Money well spent. Esha helped me transition my therapy practice to a new location. She took my mile-long to do list and prioritized it into actionable tasks with deadlines. Just what I needed.....very thorough, timely, and professional." — Steven S.

"Esha worked hard to understand the specifics of our family's education needs. She was incredibly thorough in her research, including visiting schools, calling the local school district, and asking the right questions. Esha has the incredible skill of taking an overwhelming amount of information and making it digestible to help parents make an informed decision." — Evelyn G.

"Esha was wonderful to work with, she provided me with the professional insight that my business needed to help me balance my busy work schedule and family life. Because of her recommendations my work week will now be more efficient. I highly recommend Esha to help any family or business in need of more efficient systems. Thank you very much Esha!"  — Ariel B.

"Esha is fantastic to work with! I've engaged her to assist with two different research projects and on both occasions she provided exactly the information I needed. She's very reliable and did a great job of keeping me up to date on her progress throughout the projects. Recommended!" — Local consulting firm.

"Understanding the different types of schools and education options is so overwhelming if you're not familiar with Austin's education landscape. Esha really helped me understand the options, which helped me make a decision and feel more confident in my decision - huge relief for me and big impact for my family! Thank you Esha!" — Erin R.M.

“Esha is a skilled researcher and project manager. She is organized and methodical in how she approaches her work. She is comprehensive, yet efficient, in synthesizing complex material and topics into key points. She is also very easy to work with -- highly professional and a great communicator.  A valued member of our extended team!” — Katharine Teleki, Director of Policy & Planning at Texas 2036

“Esha was very thorough in her research on summer camps for my children. She thoughtfully put together a schedule for us and turned what was a major family “to do list” into a fully planned summer. I can’t thank her enough for her help. I’m so glad to have a second pair of hands I can call on when family life gets too busy.” — Ariel Bleich

“I worked with Esha at Enriched family and availed of her educational research and consulting services. She really helped me navigate through the gamut of public school, charter school, and private school options for my 4 year old pre-schooler. She was able to zero-in on 4 of the best public school, magnet school, charter school and private school options in my locality, and I was able to choose a school that would prove most apt and nurturing towards my pre-schooler, her personality type, her learning style, and our parenting style. I would recommend Esha's services in research, planning, organization, coaching, and productivity, to anyone, any given day.” — Arrnica C.

“My husband and I worked with Esha to develop a meal plan for our busy family of five. She provided us with five weeks of recipes and grocery lists and even threw in ideas for kids' lunches and snacks! I love that this takes the thinking out of the equation and I can spend my precious time with my kids instead of searching for recipes each week. She tailored the plan to our tastes and made everything so easy. I am extremely grateful that we were able to use Enriched Family!” — Jessica B.

“As a working mom starting a new career with 3 very busy kids, I needed to find a way to make the most out of my days. Esha has been so helpful in helping me organize my time, maximize my marketing dollars, and set goals for the future. I would highly recommend her to anyone!” — Courtney S.